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Kirk Kesterson

I have extensive experience and expertise in helping motivated children gain entry to, and succeed in, the best schools in the UK. By working with students to build a solid foundation in English, both comprehension and composition, and teaching them to push beyond their perceived abilities, I enable them to tackle any kind of question they might face. Beyond this, I aim to foster a love of reading and writing. While English can sometimes seem a dry and boring subject, I believe it shouldn’t be, and that any child can learn to enjoy it given the right approach. A large part of the enjoyment comes from children learning to stretch themselves beyond their existing boundaries and learning to think in new and creative ways. Whether helping logical thinkers analyse and apply technique, or helping creative types find their own voice and style, I believe any child, whatever their personality, has ability in English that can be encouraged, developed and made to shine.

Nidhi Nautyal

I believe mathematics is as natural as thinking, but structure and discipline are critical to attaining that finesse. I have guided bright students to stellar achievements in mathematics. More remarkably, many students considered average have benefitted from my personalized approach to reach the top of their classes at the best schools. I teach my students to decompose complex concepts into fundamental blocks so that they see the subject of maths as an interconnected whole rather than a collection of disjointed topics. We work with very objective targets, but I aim to catalyse a persisting affection and keenness for the subject of mathematics. While keeping the big picture in mind, I train the children in techniques like fast calculation, visualization, application and analogy to help them navigate the details with speed and accuracy and avoid bogging them down in the mundane. The most academically exclusive private schools in London have welcomed all my students.


Deft Books was founded with the goal of providing tuition and materials to enable our students to achieve their maximum potential. We develop a complete picture of the pupil’s academic readiness, and ensure no gaps are left in their preparation.

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