Nidhi helped my 10 year old son get confident with his maths. Our aim was not just 11+ exam preparation but to give him confidence with problem solving. Nidhi has achieved it! She was very patient, went through every topic in detail, identified weaknesses and encouraged him to practice where he needed it. His maths has improved hugely as a result . Nidhi also became a friend of mine and we often share ideas about children’s education, schools or the joys of being a mum. I am very glad to meet her !

Kirk has been a blessing for us and we are so lucky to have met him before 11+. My daughter was very anxious about the exams and honestly, I was quite nervous myself and not sure how to go through this journey on my own. English is not my mother tongue and I didn’t know how to help my daughter live up to the level expected for this challenge. Kirk started working with my daughter in Year 5 and little by little built a special, friendly bond with her. Week after week, her results got better, and she started improving her techniques in comprehension and creative writing. She learnt new vocabulary and grew more and more confident. Kirk also helped her with reasoning and by the end of the preparation, she was really strong in English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Her results at 11+ have been fantastic and she received 11 firm offers. Of course, I am incredibly grateful to Kirk for helping my daughter get into one of London’s most prestigious schools, but I am especially thankful for passing his love of learning on to her.

Nidhi is very painstaking in identifying the child's particular strengths and weaknesses and tackling the latter. She makes the lessons relevant and fun with stories and games, while keeping a tight view on the material being covered, progress being made and techniques being learnt by her students. My child got a gold medal at the Primary Maths Challenge and the credit for it goes to Nidhi.

Kirk is an excellent tutor. He is extremely professional, positive and energetic. He made my son, for whom English was a second language, work really hard and set him a very high standard of performance from the beginning. Also, unlike other tutors whom I, as a mother of three, came across during 11+ preparation, he is the only one who, almost as a parent, personally does care about your son’s/daughter’s performance and results in the exams. All these factors make Kirk absolutely unique as a tutor.

If you are looking for an exceptional tutor to bring out the best in your child, look no further. Nidhi is not only an exceptional teacher but also has this unique ability to make classes engaging, fun and breaking down problems into simple steps, filling in the gaps in your child’s understanding with ease. If your child doesn’t understand a concept, she will find ways for your child to do so. She doesn’t give up! Nidhi is enthusiastic, engaging and instils the love of learning. Professional yet very personable. My son gained places at all top schools of his choice at 8+ but most importantly gained love for learning. My sincere thanks to Nidhi and I strongly recommend her.

Kirk is an excellent tutor. He can help you with your weaker points, and he can teach you how to refine your answers if they are a bit patchy. I really like going to his sessions, he makes everything seem more fun and interesting. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs improvement.

Nidhi is passionate about mathematics as a subject and her enthusiasm is infectious! From the very first meeting she is able to calibrate where a child is on the subject and quickly sets out on a plan to fill out all the fundamentals that need strengthening. She is insightful about what a particular student might need and what kind of teaching style whether one-on-one or grouped might be needed. Needless to say her students, including my child, attain great results in 11 + school entrances. You cannot go wrong in giving Nidhi a try!

English was not my favorite subject. With English being my second language, it was impossible to keep up on comprehension and creative writing until I had my first lesson with Kirk. My English has improved drastically and by three weeks I could use all the techniques for comprehension and creative writing. I have been doing well and been enjoying English.

My son throughly enjoyed Nidhi’s sessions and as a result scored highly in his Maths challenges. I could not recommend the classes enough - the right balance of rigour and fun!

Kirk has been a blessing to our family. He has been assisting both our children (year 7 and year 10) with tutoring in English. Our son got a commendation from his headmaster for great work done in class, thanks to Kirk’s support. Our daughter has obtained this year the highest marks in her academic career, also thanks to Kirk for his continuous support. Kirk teaches in a friendly yet very effective manner. He knows the subject matter profoundly and has the ability to instil independent thinking in our children, which is incredibly important for their development in the subject matter.

Nidhi is an inspirational maths teacher. My daughter loved her lessons since day one and improved her maths skill massively within a few months thanks to Nidhi’s unique approach to solving maths problems. Nidhi also boosted my daughter’s confidence in challenging herself for higher level maths. Nidhi has amazing patience as well. She explains all the questions in great detail and makes sure my daughter understands the concern completely. Thanks to her, my daughter got amazing result in 11+ entrance exams.

My wife and I have nothing but good things to say about Kirk. He helped both our daughters through the 11+ ordeal, helping them secure places at schools of their choice; Alleyns and St Paul’s Girls School. He brought a mixture of humour and ease as well as professionalism to the lessons, meaning the girls never dreaded their lessons. He was very reliable and a genuinely nice guy to have around.

Nidhi is an excellent tutor with a genuine love for the subject. She has a great teaching style and a way to make even the most complex problems seem approachable to children! Her patience, encouragement and systematic approach to the curriculum helped my child grow in confidence & accuracy and finally to achieve great results! I highly recommend Nidhi!

Nidhi is a very professional and highly experienced teacher. My son bonded immediately with her during his 7+ exam preparation and managed to get into a top school. She has a calm and very patient approach with children, which helps a lot during the busy exam preparation. We have been extremely happy working with her and appreciate her views and feedback a lot.

For some reason maths was always daunting to my daughter. It was not a subject she really enjoyed or excelled in.She was actually quite reluctant to do her maths homework and always dreaded maths tests. We met Nidhi just 6 months before 11 +and believe it or not, Nidhi turned my daughter into a mathematician. 
Nidhi always believed in my daughter and never gave up. Little by little the concepts became clear, the calculations seemed easy and solving problems became obvious and fun. What a satisfaction!! My daughter grew more and more confident and for the first time, she genuinely enjoyed doing maths. 
She was waiting for her next lesson with Nidhi eagerly, ready to learn new tips and get new advice. Her results at 11+ have been amazing and in September she will join the school of her dreams. Nidhi is such a competent, passionate, caring and warm teacher. We feel so privileged to know her and we are confident that she will continue to help my daughter succeed in the future.

Going through the 11+ process is a stressful experience for parents and children alike. Adding to this stress is the fact that often school and parents disagree about what’s best for the child. In the end, though, it’s important that parents understand and decide what’s best for their child. My choice was to have my son take tuition from Kirk and Nidi. 
At the beginning of Year 5, my son was in the bottom set in English class and the second from top set in maths. Around Easter, I decided to get help. Kirk and Nidi gave guidance to both my son and myself, and we saw improvement very quickly. By the beginning of Year 6, the school was asking what I had done with my son, as they were so surprised at his incredible progress, and he only continued to improve from there. Kirk's lessons were efficient and focused very effectively on my son's weaknesses. I also received lots of accurate and helpful advice on parent-child learning at home. 
Likewise, Nidi's lessons were very detailed. She was extremely patient and always explained things to my son until he completely understood the topic. Together, they worked with him to build a strong, solid foundation. Aside from one-to-one tuition, my son also participated in their group lessons. 
The first thing that surprised me was how motivated the participating students were. They pushed each other to improve, so my son's determination to do well in his 11+ exams also definitely increased, and his concentration while studying improved significantly. Choosing a tutor for your child is a difficult but important decision, and finding one that can encourage and motivate your child is crucial. 
At the end of the day, what matters most is the experience of the tutors, and the results they bring. Kirk and Nidi have a wealth of experience, understand how to work with children and brought great results. Their accurate guidance, in-depth knowledge of the 11+ process and understanding of the schools we wanted to target gave my son an amazing outcome. They turned my anxiety about the whole process into confidence in my son and his abilities. My son and I are incredibly grateful to Kirk and Nidi. I strongly and whole-heartedly recommend them.

Admission to the few top schools is challenging. It requires intelligence and hard work from the child, but the chances of success can be improved by the right support. Nidhi has great understanding of the requirements of the top schools and the mathematical skills they are looking for, and she is ready to pass on her insights. Moreover, she makes the experience fun for the kids so they never feel they are being hot-housed: for them, it is a series of puzzles and games with friends, as it should be. One head teacher told us that early-age performance in mathematics is the best predictor of later skills not just in maths and sciences, but in all subjects. Nidhi’s skills can give your child that initial boost that will help them through the rest of their life. We thoroughly recommend her.


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